Lady 12 Lounge - Super Bowl XLIX Party - Scottsdale, AZ

Two Hawk-filled nights of fun in Scottsdale Arizona captured by Mark Hopkins Photography!   MHP made the trip down for Super Bowl XLIX and was the official photographer for the Casablanca Lounge parties sponsored by "Lady 12".   To say we had 'fun' would be an absolute understatement..... thank you Joe Tafoya, and Lady 12 for putting together such a fantastic set of parties!

Web size and full size download of digital images is available for a  nominal fee.   Also, prints can be ordered in a wide variety of sizes.

Despite your feelings of "Pass" or "Run" for the end of the game, it was a great time for us and many, and a game that will live in the memories of all for years to come.    So, don't deflate our ego, and enjoy the photos.... If you want to pump us up for taking more photos of 12 and Seahawk events, support our efforts with a few downloads and print purchases of your favorite photos!  

Thank you for your support, and GO HAWKS!!!!   See you all at Super Bowl XLX!! 

Download and print purchases will NOT have the repeating watermark on them.  They will only have my signature and url in the lower right corner.

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