Tour de Terrace

Welcome to Mark Hopkins Photography's Tour de Terrace gallery!  Mark is the official photographer of the Seafair sanctioned "Tour de Terrace". Here, you'll find all the photos that we've taken over the last several years of TdT!  Each year is broken out into categories highlighting all the different fun events that take place each year in Mountlake Terrace for the 'Tour'.   Unfortunately, I was away on business the first couple days of the fair in 2013, so that year only has a few photos.  But, we have committed to always keeping the dates available from here on out!

All photos are available for purchase as downloads in web size or full print size.  Get social media ready downloads for as little as $1 each when you get buy more than 20 different images.   The web size is suitable for sharing online via Facebook or Twitter, but not suitable for printing.  If you want a print of your favorite images, you can purchase the full size image to print yourself, or order prints from our own in-house professional lab.   Discounts are available for multiple downloads.

All download and print purchases will have a small watermark in the lower right corner, but NOT the watermark you see across the image in the gallery.   Please note that print size downloads can be large, so downloading to a mobile device is NOT recommended.  Data charges may apply.

Downloads and prints are for personal use ONLY.  Commercial or editorial use is strictly prohibited without prior written and explicit permission.


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Comments (3)

Brenda Sutton

November 14, 2019 11:51 PM
Hi Mark! Was wondering if there were any pictures from the TdT parade this year? Always look forward to seeing your shots of our Camaro club. Hope all is well.

Stan & Pam Pauley

August 3, 2016 7:20 PM
Fantastic Photos. Nice Colors. We have the red & white Bel Air with the window tray, drive-in theater speakers, skates, radio, etc. The images from the drones make the cars on the field look like toy cars.

T. Rink

July 31, 2015 10:17 PM
LOVE the fireworks pictures with the rides. So much to look at and so many colors. What PHun!!!
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